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Customized therapeutic techniques are integrated with compassionate care to obtain the most beneficial massage therapy treatment.

My goal for every client or patient is to reduce their physical and emotional pain by applying integrated therapeutic techniques with compassionate care.

There’s a wide range of people with individual needs that seek massage, energy work and soft tissue therapies.  With this in mind, combining education and years of experience helps me to understand these specific needs thus allowing me to select an approach and style that will be best suited for the person.  It is this integrated approach that helps the body and immune system to get back on track so the body can heal itself.

Working towards relaxing the body, mind and spirit can also help to prevent the onset of physical and emotional upset.  To this day I am surprised by the amazing results massage and energy work can bring.

Sandy Creamer, Nurse Practitioner

“The results have shown that when patients are more relaxed through (therapeutic massage), the side effects of chemotherapy are reduced and they help the whole body accept treatment, so (the body) will do what it needs to do.” (click here for full Boston Globe article)