Customized therapeutic techniques are integrated with compassionate care to obtain the most beneficial massage therapy treatment.

Modalities, Techniques and Massage Styles

Swedish Massage - is performed with the application of oils and lotions. It uses long, light and deep kneading strokes, small friction-type motions, light tapping and gentle movements of the joints.

Myofascial Release - Fascia is a type of connective tissue in the body. Fascia can become adhered to muscles causing tightness, pain and a decrease in range of motion. Myofascial massage techniques are used to release the adhered fascia from the muscles.

Trigger Point Work - Direct pressure techniques are applied to specific points on the body to reduce hypersensitive areas within the muscles and fascia.

Oncology Massage - Techniques are customized for the client/patient going through cancer treatments. Modalities are carefully selected to help with the physical and emotional distress of the illness and side effects of the treatments, such as neuropathy. Click here for more information.

Seniors - Oncology massage can also be utilized for the elderly and for people with medically complex conditions.

Fibromyalgia Massage - A gentle, calming massage is carefully applied to soften and lengthen tight muscles while focusing on stress reduction.

Prenatal & Infant - Prenatal massage can be performed during a healthy pregnancy. Techniques are applied while the client is in a side-lying (or comfortable and safe) position. Once the baby is born, parents are taught how to apply massage strokes to enhance the general well-being of the baby.

Sports Massage - Swedish and trigger point work, stretching and other techniques are applied to soften adhesions (scar tissue), lengthen shortened muscles and release fascia.

Reiki II - is a form of energy work that is applied by gently laying of hands on, or just above, the body.

Sound Therapy - Instruments are calibrated to positively resonate with the body, this helps to stimulate healing. The sounds/vibrations produced can be effective in treating pain, anxiety, stress and depression.

Reflexology - uses direct pressure on precise reflex points on the hands/feet that correspond to specific body areas.

Guided Visualizations - Relaxing, meditative stories are recited before, after, or during the massage; this helps to put the client into a deep state of relaxation.

Self Care - Information such as ice, heat, and stretching are reviewed for at-home personal care.

Consulting Services

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